Tridhya Intuit Announces Launch of New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new website! After two months of hard work, dedication, countless hours of brainstorming session, Tridhya Intuit is proud to launch of revamped website. We invite you to visit us at

We hope that you enjoy the fresh look of our new website. We really thanks to the entire Tridhya Intuit team for their hard work, dedication and support to make our new website a reality.

We redesigned site includes streamlining menus, simplifying navigation, intuitive user interface, seamless experience across different devices and platforms and providing more resources and information on our products and services. The new site allows our partners, job seekers and esteemed clients to easily find the information they are looking for. To stay connected with us on social media, follow us on TwitterLinkedInFacebook and YouTube

Visitors can browse the website and learn more about our expertise.

Here is what’s new in the website:

Our Products: 

This section showcasing features of our amazing products as well as their images.

Get information about our expertise in Big data, AI, BI, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud, Web and Mobile and more

1. Assistant – Conversational AI Platform

Chatbots are artificial intelligence programs which are designed to provide an automated conversation with humans through chat interfaces. We create Chatbots for business expansions and efficient customer engagement.

2. Turnout – Face Recognition Based Attendance and Smart HRM System

Turnout is an AI based Face Recognition solution which uses image and video processing algorithms to mark the attendance of the employees. We developed an AI powered Face recognition attendance system for improving efficiency of the system and a secure way to take attendance.

3. Radiant – IoT Based Solar Monitoring System

Radiant is India’s one of the leading Solar Monitoring systems and serves industry verticals like renewable energy segment, power sector, weather stations, water industries and solar stations. Radiant is an IoT based solar energy monitoring platform to track performance, predict failures and provide proactive maintenance of your assets, giving you full control without actually being present there.

4. Amrit –  Smart Water Supply Measurement and Quality Monitoring System  

Amrit solution is a remote monitoring system for drinking water quality and quantity.  Amrit solution is a remote monitoring system for drinking water quality and quantity.  Amrit solution is a remote monitoring system for drinking water quality and quantity.  

5. Recognizer – Automate Your Image and Video Analysis with AI Computer Vision Solution Platform

Recognizer is a unique AI and computer vision-based solution which helps to classify as well as identify real-life useful objects like texts, scenes, human faces, persons, vehicles etc. from images and videos. It also helps to annotate and detect customized objects without prior knowledge of AI.6) Digital Walls: Digital Solutions for Content Publishing and Advertising The digital wall is a simple and powerful way to manage, publish and advertise your content on displays with just a few clicks. Digital signage can play a major role in customer engagement, reduce waiting times, marketing and outdoor advertising to support your business objectives.

6. Invento B2B and B2C Sales and Order Management System

invento – B2B and B2C Sales and Order Management Systemin Vento system helps to manage customers, order, brand, stock and dispatch intelligently. A user can place any kind of sales order through a mobile application and visualize the organization KPI on the dashboard. The system plays an important role in making data-driven decisions.

7. Digital Attendant – Smart Digital Indoor Navigation App Solution

Digital Attendant is a useful platform for mall, corporate, building, navigation guide to visitors. Find your way of entity through our solution. Rely on our indoor navigation to guide you to your destination. Our navigation app makes the visitor’s visit easy.

8. Revel Big Data Analytics Platform

Revel – Big Data Analytics Platform Revel provides a platform to store and process heterogeneous data in huge volume and velocity in real time. The user-friendly interface of the solution facilitates Big data Curation, Analysis, and visualization. The interactive dashboard helps to take data driven decisions using the outcome of Business and Artificial Intelligence.

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