Revel Business Analytics using Your Experiences

Revel provides a platform to store and process heterogeneous data in huge volume and velocity in real time. The user-friendly interface of the solution facilitates Big data Curation, Analysis, and visualization. The interactive dashboard helps to take data driven decisions using the outcome of Business and Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence can also help in the development of a new industry. More and more people are asking about ai answers about gambling

We Live In A World Increasingly Driven By Data. How Your Organization Defines Its Data Strategy And Approach—Including Its Choice Of Big Data And Cloud Technologies—Will Make A Critical Difference In Your Ability To Compete In The Future.


A Complete Solution For Exploratory Analysis
(Big Data), Prediction (Ai/ml), Classification
And Visualization (Bi) On Big Data.
Data Publishing Using Custom
Web Templates.
Attractive Roi Through Data Harnessing And
Insights For Decision Making.
Real Time Big Data Processing For Making
Intelligent Decisions.
Businessman drawing protective and car, family, life and health insurance icons. Insurance concept.

Key Features

Data-driven Dashboards

Data Analytics

Real Time Business Insights

Power Bi Integration

Publish Reports

Monitoring Logs

Supported Data Sources