Invento – sales management system is designed to make sales management easier. The system can run on any modern browser on any device. The system tracks point of sale and allows for sales planning, control and employee management.

Invento – Benefits of Using

Sales Management System

Inventory and stock management

Real-time sharing

Complete inventory solution

Flexible platform

Improvement of sales efficiency

Streamline sales efficiency

Mobile apps for android

Sales tracking system

Invento CMS Features

Customers Management

A customer management lets you manage and retain your valuable customer in a better way with customer name, customer type and agent name.

Product Management

A product management allows you to organize, control and manage a wide range of products. The product management easily manage and updates products with product name, code, brand name, ex-mill price and created and updated date details.

Order Management

In order management you can manage your order information with order no., company name, order quantity and total order price and easily access information whenever need it.

User Management

User management designed for the complete management of the users with name of the user, their email, mobile no., and type of the user.

Dispatch Details

Manage with order date and no., brand and party name, agent name, design and shade no., ordered and net sale quantity and invoice no.

Route Planning

Route planning enables sales executive to see exactly where to go and schedule appointments effortlessly. Admin will create a route plan for every agent and agents can easily view their own route plan.

Territory Management

Territory management describes a process that helps inside sales represent by defining geographical sales erritories and ensure the right sales executive are assigned to the right customers.

Stock Management

Stock management display current stock of designs and brands and manage stock with brand name and design no.

Invento – Benefits of Using

Sales Management System

Product Management

QR Code Scaning



Route Plan

Documents Sharing

What’s Tredding

Offline Working Capability

App Benefits

Business on finger tips

Real time sales analytics

Workflow automation

Better user experience and engagement

Customer satisfication

Increase efficiency and productivity

Easy to manage sales operations

Offline working capability

Predictive Analytics

Inventory Replenishment

To avoid the issues of out of stocks and overstocks, Inventory replenishment process plays vital role for team to take necessary action to maintain your stock levels.

Sales Patterns

Make data-driven decisions on top performing and underperforming products/services. Also, find your valuable customers and understand their needs to keep them happy

Products Sales Analysis

KPIs and Charts of overall Products Sales can help you to find out how your sales revenue has grown.

Industry Focus

Real Estate


Invento supoorts integration with other systems like ERP, CRM using customized APIs.


of Using Invento

Mobile App Development

Offline Online Data Sync.

Cloud Based Instant Updates

100% Secure Mobile Platform