Turnout – AI Based Solution

Due to COVID-19 impact a Touchless technology is the future.

Turnout is an AI based Face Recognition solution which uses machine learning algorithms to mark the attendance of the employees.We developed AI powered Face recognition attendance system for improving efficiency of the system and a secure way to taking attendance.

Our smart Face Recognition solution works on a no-touch technology and that improves employee security and safety. Our smart system used to calculate attendance automatically by recognizing the facial dimensions. The system gives Real-time data for quick processing and reporting

Face Recognition Based
Attendance, Visitor management and
Access Control System

Turnout Core Features

Face Recognition based Attendance

New employee registration process is now automated using our Turnout system. Employee need to look in front of camera and registration will be automatically done.

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Face Recognition based Visitor Management

The purpose of access control is to grant entrance to a highly confidential office space only to the authorized peoples.

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Access Control

A attendance management lets you manage employee real-time attendance from their in and out details with particular date and time.

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Turnout Key Features

Visitor Management

Face Recognition-Based Attendance System

Access Control

Live Video Stream Face Recognition

Employee Management

Department Management

Task Management

Report Management

Leave Management

Project Management

Designation Management

Shifts Time Maintenance and Alerts

Turnout Mobile

Mobile Based Attendance System

Turnout-M is a mobile app-based attendance system with AI based Face Recognition technology. The Turnout-M employee attendance mobile app works with iPhone and Android phones.

Key Features
  • Face recognition-based Solution
  • Contactless Attendance Solution based on Mobile
  • No Biometric machines required
  • Real-time reporting
  • Geo fenced, face-based attendance marking from outside location
  • Runs on both Android and iOS devices.

Turnout RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Based Attendance system

Turnout – R is a smart RFID based attendance system that track the attendance using a simple smart card. RFID attendance system track, manages, organizes, and records attendance without any errors. Turnout RFID based access control systems designed especially for manage check-in and check-out of employee and person’s attendance.RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification based attendance system gives flexibility, security and increased efficiency than other attendance system.

Key Features
  • RFID card base attendance system
  • Employee/Visitor card base recognition
  • Employee management
  • Department managementAttendance report
  • Leave management
  • Designation management
  • Shift management


Turnout Covid

COVID-19 RyDOT Complete Security System

Due to the COVID-19 impact, a complete security check system (i.e mask detection, temperature measurement and sanitization) is the future. COVID-19 – RCSS is the AI based face mask detection solution integrated in embedded device which also support touch less temperature measurement and hand sanitization.

Key Features
  • Live mask detection from camera feed
  • Live temperature measurement of person
  • Sanitizer spray operation outlet option (Relay output)
  • Open electronics Lock for gate option (Relay output)

Industry Application

Real Estate
Travel and Tourism