We make advertising more interactive

Digital Walls’ team is a conglomeration of experts from the sales, marketing, branding, technology, analytics and the creative field, collaborating to create value for consumers, brands and the government. Today’s consumer is much evolved compared to previous generations. The buying decisions are much more informed, based on insights and reviews. Our endeavour is to position the right product for the right person at the right time and at the right location! Thus making the entire experience simple and easy and an experience worth remembering and recalling.

We are constantly exploring newer avenues to connect the digital and physical worlds to make our experiences more interactive and engaging. Digital Walls’ state of the art content management system, proprietary hardware and display screens provide media assets and advertising clients the scale, insights, they need to reach audiences and strike engaging connections and prompting purchases almost instantly. Our cloud based platform could be used by brands, media buyers and agencies to efficiently create campaigns on the fly and launch them at the choicest of locations. Our solution combines the power of data and analytics which the brands and media buyers could use to optimize their advertising spend and reap in maximum returns for their spend.


Key Features

Web Based Solution

Cross Platform Solution

Scalable For Larger Roll-outs

Secured Over Encryption

Analyse Footfall

Central Management

Vast Availability of Content Types

Robust Disaster Recovery System

Simple Plug-and-Play Installation

Benefits for Screen Owners

Publicize the screen instantly
Assign the screen for shorter/longer period
Easy to onboard the device
Receive realtime notifications of device status

Benefits to Advertisers

Pay only for chosen Ads

Select screen groups

Numerous Ad types available to choose from

Built-in templates or create new

Drag and drop feature to create the layout of ads

Realtime analytics of Ads

Ads-Response tracking

QR code scan Report


Industries We Work With

Shopping Malls
Corporate Communications
Public Transportation