Smart Water Supply Measurement and Quality Monitoring System

Collecting real-time water quality and quantity parameters using IoT and harnessing data for generating valuable insights. The insights will be used to ensure “Har Ghar Jal” mission and will help taking decisions regarding predictive, maintenance and schedule optimization. The system will help monitoring real-time water consumption and quality. Insights can be visualize in an easy to understand way using interactive dashboard. The system is based on cutting edge technology’s like IoT, AI and Bigdata analytics and will improve water distribution. Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum in various fields. A fairly large number of people are interested in artificial intelligence in the gaming industry, so more and more people want to learn about Gambling Frequently Asked Questions


  • Operation vs different sensors readings (Visualization effect of sensors on operation)
  • Fault prediction using deep neural network and comparing prediction
  • Water Quantity Demand Forecasting


Smart Water Leakage And
Flow Schedule Prediction
Sewage Treatment
Plant Automation
Smart Water Distribution
Smart Water Level Controller
Smart Water Billing Systems



Village Installation at
Kahoda (Mehsana)

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Device Features

Multiple Connectivity Options

Water Flow Sensor

Remote Data Access

Local Live Monitoring Solution

Standalone Sensors

Flow Totalizer Display

Monitor Multiple Equipment’s

Local Software Access


Water Control

Battery Backup

E-mails, SMS, Report

GSM / LoRa Technology

Global Live Monitoring Solution

Key Features

Users can download all kinds of analytical graphs anytime, anywhere with just a single click.
Receive SMS and email notifications
Real time pH, TDS, Nitrate, Fluoride Content generation
Full visibility of your system’s technical and financial performance, including interactive charts and site layout
Visualization of Sensor Data, Future Predictions, Leakage detection, Water flow etc.
Data presentation at the module-level, string-level and system level
Comparative analysis diagnostics
Mobile and web-based monitoring
Ease of use and control from anywhere in the world
Easy control over complex systems
Remote Connectivity